About us

Naichi is an indigenous Kids clothing line born out of the idea of creating the best for the cute kids using Indian textile and hand loom a wow look for the kids fashion. To craft new trend setting fusion style while giving Indian textile fabrics the international look. Redefining the kids fashion. Manufactured and marketed by the company Naish Life Trading LLP.

Story Behind the Birth

Love for the Indian handloom and textile inspired our founders to think of working for the same, specially the sections that have not yet received their due recognition. Rich and diverse land of India has a great pool of handloom items, out of which many enjoy international fame and acclaim, while there are few which are fading and extincting. Many though are known and popular to the world, but only to a defined group and that too a particular art form only. There is lot to experiment with and work on with, this is what stinged our founders to try their hands on.

With a little baby in around them, their thoughts started getting a new direction. The original thoughts now focused on the babies. Thus the idea of Kids fashion with Indian touch and textile was born. The idea thus gave was to conceptualisation of the thoughts and experimentation and designing; thus started giving way to creation of a meaningful enterprise. Thus was born Naish Life Trading LLP, further giving ways to the NAICHI brand. The name naichi in itself carries little naughtiness little cuteness and lots of newness.


Crafting Wings of Desires

We all think and wish for the best for our babies, which make us all the more sensitive towards our babies dresses. Dresses are not just what our baby will wear, but reflection of what we aspire for them. Our vision is to craft the wings of desires to give intangible wishes beautiful forms.